Sunday, June 24, 2012

Acoustic Guitar Magazine - Thorell Frank Vignola Premier selected for the Custom Guitar Gallery - August, 2012

***Eight incredible guitar creations from the amazing luthiers listed above are shown in this article. I am just showing the page which displays Ryan's guitar. What an honor to be included with such great luthiers! (You can link to the entire August 2012 article below):

"Custom Guitar Gallery" article on Acoustic Guitar website:

Printable version of the article from Acoustic Guitar website:

More about Thorell Guitars on Acoustic Guitar website:

More pictures of the Thorell "Frank Vignola Premier" Archtop:
(The following pictures of this guitar were not in the Acoustic Guitar Magazine Article - click on to enlarge.)

Another "FV Premier" Model:

Ryan in his workshop:

Thanks for checking out Thorell Fine Guitars!

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