Saturday, August 17, 2013

Pictures from the Healdsburg Guitar Festival - August 9-11, 2013

Typical View from inside the 2013 Healdsburg Guitar Festival AND there is another display room and performamce and lecture rooms!

Tom Rebbecke - Helped establish the Healdsburg Guitar Festival and an amazing luthier, a mentor of Ryan and one of the nicest guys around..

The next three pictures show Tom's guitar workshop where Ryan went to study under Tom.

These pictures where taken at the beginning of a great party we had there on Saturday night.

The next two photos show the luthier and idol of almost all custom guitar makers, Bob Benedetto. 

The first picture is in front of Ryan's guitars and the second is of one of Bob's newest creations

One of Ryan's heros, luthier Stan Klein and one of his guitars in the second picture.

The next five pictures are of another of Ryan's heros and one of the great guitarist on the planet, Paul Asbell who stopped by to try out some of Ryan's guitars. Ryan received a message from Paul which stated, "Your Corina and the FV model were both tone monsters, and very inspiring, Ryan!"

Paul Asbell is back again the next day.

Eric Schoenberg probably knows more about vintage guitars than anyone on the planet.
Ryan and Eric spent 2 or 3 hours up in Eric's hotel room Friday night playing a 1929 Martin and 1929 Gibson Guitar while I looked on.

An individual playing Eric Schoenberg's 1929 Gibson Archtop in front of Ryan's booth.

The next three pictures show the amazing luthier, Lawrence Smart, trying out Ryan's Guitars and the last picture shows his booth of amazing instruments. Lawrence used to live in Logan, Utah and now lives near Sun Valley, Idaho.

The next picture is of the famous luthier and inlay artist William Laskin

The next two pictures are of the great luthier Howard Klepper

This picture shows the amazing luthier Ervin Somogyi's assistant at their booth. He is a luthier himself and a very nice guy.

Ryan and luthier Andrew White from West Virginia with one of his beautiful guitars behind them. His booth was next to Ryan's and we became good friends.

Here is a picture of Andrew's guitar which he made from an old barn door. It had alot of people interested in it. Directly behind the guitar is Erica Ringle, Andrew's girlfriend. I didn't realize that this was the only picture I had of Erica. You can still see how cute she is even though in this picture she is missing her eyes and the middle of her head. Sorry Erica!

J. R. Rogers - Founder and Owner of the Acoustic Guitar Forum:

Maegan Wells - assistant to Tom Ribbecke and a very good luthier herself. In the second picture you can see the beautiful guitar Maegan built. Maegan told me that Tom felt Ryan was one of the best luthiers to come though his workshop. Ryan has now been asked by Tom to come back and teach a course at the luthier school in Healdsburg, California.


Below Ryan is showing his guitars to the nice people from Fine

The next two pictures are of a new Swedish luthier, Lars Rasmussen. Our heritage is from Sweden so it was fun to meet him and wish him well and maybe we'll go over and see him someday.

Seven more pictures I took of Ryan talking to people at the Healdsburg Guitar Festival


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