Thursday, October 4, 2012

"Thorell Guitars in Use" Videos from the Destroy All Guitars Website

Watch Videos of 7 Thorell Guitars in Use:  

      1. Thorell "FV Premier" Archtop:

  • Bob Bakert's video of Frank Vignola testing Bob's beautiful new Thorell "FV Premier" Guitar: (I added this link)
    • Thorell video Frank Vignola with Vinny Raniolo and Julien Labro - Gypsymania - Live at Fur Peace Ranch
      Frank Vignola stormed the stage at Jorma Kaukonen's Fur Peace Ranch with Vinny Raniolo on guitar and Julien Labro on the accordion. This original tune, Gypsymania, was inspired by the great Django Reinhardt.

  • 2. Thorell "FV Studio" Archtop:
    • Thorell video Frank Vignola - Tico Tico - Performance (Folk Alley)
    • Thorell video Frank Vignola - Scheherezade - Performance (Folk Alley)
    • Thorell video Frank Vignola and Tommy Emmanuel - Kalamazoo Backstage Jam
    • Thorell video There Will Never Be Another You. recorded 5/26/10
      Frank Vignola at Route 7 Music in Brookfield CT with Vinny as his accomp. what a great time. The boys at Rt7 keep bringing in the JAZZ giants. Frank is so down to earth and a real nice guy. All questions answered by Frank...very informative..
  • 3. Thorell "FV Style O" Flattop:
  • Frank is playing his new Thorell "FV Style O" guitar for the first two songs and then his Thorell "FV Studio" Archtop for the rest:

  • 4. Thorell "Gianina" Archtop:
    • Thorell video Frank Vignola playing Thorell nylon string archtop
      Frank Vignola and Vinny Raniolo play a pair of Ryan Thorells handmade guitars. Vinny plays the FV flattop and Frank is playing on the Thorell Gianina.
    • Thorell video Austin Playing a Thorell Gianina
      Thorell Guitars exciting archtop nylon string guitar, captured acoustically and performed by fingerstyle virtuoso Austin Weyand. The song performed is "House of Chuckles", an original song and arrangement available on his new release "Too Much Information."

  • 5. Thorell "Corina" Flattop:
    • Thorell video Frank Vignola plays bluegrass tune Shady Grove!
      Frank Vignola and Vinny Raniolo play the bluegrass traditional, Shady Grove, made popular by Jerry Garcia and David Grisman. Vinny is playing the Thorell FV studio model and Frank is playing the Thorell FV Flattop.
    • Thorell video "Too Much Information" by Austin Weyand
      Original guitar composition by Austin Weyand from his 2007 release of the same title. Recorded at Studio 14 with Rich Bischoff in Brigham City UT.
    • Thorell video Muneca -- Austin Weyand
      Original music composed by Austin Weyand and Aaron Ashton. Arranged for solo guitar by Austin Weyand. Available on his CD "Too Much Information." Video recording made at Studio 14 with Rich Bischoff in Brigham City Utah November 6, 2009.

  • 6. Thorell "Grand Custom Arch":
Here are some three audio tracts I am adding of guitarist JD Moffat playing the Thorell "Sweet E" Archtop. The rest of the audio tracts are Frank Vignola playing the Thorell "FV Studio" Archtop mentioned above. All of these audio tracts are on James Romeyn's music player. Jim's great website is Fine Guitars Broker. He is also the maker of the Prime Vibe Guitar Seasoning Device.

100 more videos with "Thorell Guitars in Use":

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