Monday, July 1, 2013

7-String Fanned Fret Thorell Guitar 3-Bass strings and 4-Guitar strings

Comments and Pictures are from the owner of this Guitar:

This is a custom 7-string guitar built by world class luthier, Ryan Thorell from Thorell guitars. It is incredible. The craftsmanship is superb. The tone is out of this world. The materials in this instrument are the best of the best. This is a $7,000 guitar that took a year to complete. It has three bass strings and four guitar strings. I have it tuned E, A, D on the bass side and A, D, G, B on the guitar side. The bass and guitar sides have separate outputs so you can plug into two separate amps. Each set of pickups have a 3-way selector and a stacked tone/volume. I had this built as close to Charlie Hunter's instrument as possible. I figured if anyone had it dialed, he did.

Here's the specs:
Figured Koa Top Plate,
Old Growth Douglas Fir Chambered Body,
Figured Pear neck,
Cocobolo Fretboard,
Handwound separate guitar and bass circuits,
2 channel output,
25” scale to 28.5” scale fan fretboard,
Individual string intonated bridges,
Flatter C-shaped neck.  

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  1. That's what i was looking for.strings look different from others . I will definitely share it with fret guitar