Sunday, June 30, 2013

Austin Weyand and his Thorell "Corina" Guitar - Comments on his Facebook Page

May 24 - 29, 2013 on Austin Weyand's Facebook Page - Thanks Austin!
Austin Weyand shared a link.
Local craftsman Ryan Thorell is known for creating fine guitars
As Ryan Thorell handcrafts custom guitars at his home-based shop in Hyrum, he is also building an international brand.
Genet Rich Brown He is my neighbor!!! What a talented man!

Brian Hefflefingerposted toAustin Weyand
 Do you think Ryan Thorell would build a guitar for me? I really liked the jumbo bodied blonde with the koa inlay (shown in the news clip). Maybe electric acoustic. Do you have one of his? How do they sound? Better or comparable to a Taylor?

Austin Weyand Ryan makes incredible guitars. I've owned one since 2007, my main guitar. Much better than the brand names out there.

Brian Hefflefinger Thanks for the link. There are some beautiful pieces there. Do they all have the sound hole in the side? That's a great feature. The prices aren't listed, but I'm guessing they start around $2 or 3 grand, am I correct?

Brian Hefflefinger Just looked at the site via computer rather than phone. Guess I was about 3 grand off starting price. I'd really have to save up for one of those. With the inlay I wanted, it's about what I paid for my last car. I guess perfection has it's price. For me, really, it'd be like a ring in a pig's snout. I'm just a lowly songwriter (who barely writes). The sound is amazing though, and it looks like it plays effortlessly. Guess I'll stay with my Taylor Big Baby for a while. I'm not performing anyhow (except for church).

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